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The British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (popularly known as BRISMES) was established in 1973 to encourage and promote the study of the Middle East in the United Kingdom.

It brings together teachers, researchers, students, diplomats, journalists and others who deal professionally with the Middle East. Membership is open to all the above, regardless of nationality – indeed regardless of where in the world you are based.

Mission of BRISMES:

  • To sustain and promote in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland world class research into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) across a wide range of disciplines, including languages, culture, history, contemporary politics and economics; and to maintain the highest level of expertise provided by the institutions’ professionals; and
  • To secure a continuous and reliable flow of government funding in the United Kingdom consistent with achieving this aim.  To read full Mission Statement, please click here.

BRISMES Membership

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the Middle East. Simply complete the membership application form and send it to the Administrative Office. More Info

>> visit the BRISMES Homepage

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